Children and Young People’s Assembly on Biodiversity Loss

One of our students is taking part in the Children's and Young People's Assembly on Biodiversity Loss. In support of him, we are learning about the amazing diversity of wildlife on our island. You can see some beautiful artwork from the Robins class. They are learning about land mammals.


Children from the Starlings class spent Maths week engaging in fun activities inside and outside the classroom!

Maths week in the Starlings Class


Children from the Wren's class submitted very thoughtful entries to the Someone like me art competition. The theme for this year's work is 'Hidden Disabilities.'

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World Book Day was celebrated in style as always at Riverview. We had VIP readers from children's families, whole school buddy reading and DEAR time in the sunny school yard!

Green schools week of action

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It's been a busy week here at the school with the children participating in events organised for our Green Schools Week of Action.

We had visits from Michelle from Crumlin Community Cleanup, who spoke to the children about the importance of caring for our local area, Flossie and the Beach Cleaners, and composting workshops with Aaron, permaculture specialist who works in our school garden.

The children also made posters to encourage care for the environment, and even composed their own song!


Hygiene Drive

Well done to all the children and families who got involved with our hygiene drive in November. Your kindness was very evident in the 130kg of products we collected for The Hygiene Bank Dublin. 


Children from the Sparrows Class have been learning about the Irish Artist Jack B. Yeats. There is an exhibition of his work on display in the National Gallery at the moment, and the children attended an online workshop. As was the case with Jack B. Yeats, the children's work is inspired by where they live. You can read more about the exhibition here.

Lichen Screenshot.png

Lichens need clean air to flourish so are a good indicator of the air quality of the surrounding areas. For this project, students in the Robin's Class used their powers of observation, attention and creativity to explore lichens in their surroundings through poems and photographs. Art has a way of shining a light on issues around climate change and biodiversity and engaging the community in a different way from books and news reports. The student's images and poems were collated into digital collages, so that they could be displayed in their school, or brought home and shared with friends and family. From far away the posters look like abstract images, but when you get closer you notice the details from individual students and their discoveries and learn something new - like when you get closer you see the qualities and learn something about your environment.


As always, the children are doing work from project menus each month. These projects allow the children to work on topics being covered in class and also whole school topics. We are always so impressed with the amazing work the children bring in, and how they present it with such pride!


Sponsored Walk

The children and staff of Riverview took part in a sponsored walk earlier this month to raise money for basketball hoops and equipment. We even had some swans come out to support us! Thank you very much to everyone who sponsored us, the new hoops and equipment are being used daily and are a huge hit with the children. 

The Lichen Art Citizen Science Project

In October, the Robin's Class took part in a research project on the observation of Lichens - a bioindicator of air pollution, to monitor the local air quality in the area and assist Trinity College in a larger scale project. The children became very knowledgeable about all things Lichen and are now keen observers of lichen and air quality when out and about!


The Riverview Library
Our Library is well and truly up and running this year, with children from all classes having access to books from our beautiful collection.

Our little shed was made possible by donations to the Tour le Chéile fund raiser, and our core collection of books are our Robert Dunbar Memorial Library, which came from Children's Books Ireland. Many thanks to parents and other book enthusiasts for the further donations of books to keep our avid readers well supplied!


Beautiful Landscape
Tour le Chéile
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Collage 2021-05-01 20_31_01

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The Tour le Chéile cycling challenge exceded all of our expectations!
Together we cycled an incredible 6,897kms!
By our visibility on the roads around our school we are also raising awareness of the importance of safe cycling infrastructure for children.
A huge achievement and a big thank you to all involved!

We passed Westport ETNS on our way around the coast. Children from the Blackbirds class sent these wonderful letters to our  friends in the West!
At Riverview we teach the MindUp programme. Mind up is the flagship programme of the Goldie Hawn Foundation, and teaches children about mindfulness, neuroscience and positive psychology.
Mind up.png

Children take brain breaks every day.

Junior Juries.png

Children from the Wrens class are currently reading some very exciting and beautiful books which have been shortlisted for Children's Books Ireland annual book award, as part of their Junior Juries programme. The shortlisted books - listed below - are all written by authors who are citizens of Ireland or permanently resident in Ireland. We are excited to see what our readers verdict will be!

  • Hope against Hope written by Sheena Wilkinson 

  • Míp written by MáireZepf and illustrated by Paddy Donnelly

  • Savage Her Reply written by Deirdre Sullivan and illustrated by Karen Vaughan

  • The Boldness of Betty written by Anna Carey 

  • The Falling in Love Montage written by Ciara Smyth 

  • The Haunted Lake written and illustrated by P.J. Lynch

  •  The Monsters of Rookhaven written by Pádraig Kenny illustrated by Edward Bettison

  •  Why the Moon Travels written by Oein DeBhairduin illustrated by Leanne McDonagh 


Riverview Ducklings

It's become an annual Riverview event, but that doesn't take away from the pure joy that they bring! Last week, Maverick, Squeak, Lugg, Harry the Hatcher, Sponge & Charlie hatched into the world and have become the newest members of our school community. They will however have to return to their home on the farm in a couple of weeks. Until then, we will be enjoying every minute of them! 

Tour le Chéile, Riverview

We are hosting our very first co-operative cycling challenge this year.  The challenge is to cycle the length of the coast of the island of Ireland - 3,171km!
We couldn't do it alone, but we are very excited to work together towards this goal!
Funds raised will be used to provide a library for our new books - see below about Robert Dunbar Memorial Library  -  as well as to replenish graded reading schemes for all of our classes. If you would like to support the Tour le Chéile, Riverview, please click below!

Click here to support our cycling challenge!


Our geodome is under construction

Way back at the start of September, as the children returned to school after the first school closure, the Riverview community of parents, staff, children, family and friends, was inspired to get together to fundraise for a garden classroom space. After much thought, research and deliberation, the construction of our geodome has begun. The glazing is due to arrive in the next couple of weeks, and staff are eagerly planning for it's best use.

We would like to extend a massive thank you to you all for your huge generosity in making our geodome a reality!


We got some very exciting news at the the school this week. Our application wsa successful and Riverview ETNS is now the proud recipient of a Robert Dunbar Memorial Library.

This is a huge honour. It includes a donation to the school of 300 books, workshops for the children with a book creator, and help in the establishment of our school library. It is an initiative of Children's Books Ireland. Robert was a a pioneer in the study of children's literature and towering figure in the world of children's books in Ireland. Four primary schools have received a library every year, in his memory, since 2017, and now Riverview has been added to the list.

Home learning is being supported by school staff at Riverview.

We would like to extend a huge thank you to families for all of their support during this very challenging time.

At school we celebrate exceptional work in our weekly assemblies, with Obair Álainn. During the school closure, Obair Álainn is shared on a special padlet. See some great examples below!

A new year in the forest

Children from the Sparrows, Blackbirds, Robins and Wrens classes have all been visiting Tymon Park - breathing fresh air and watching for signs of the changing seasons.

We are all so happy to be back in the park!



Back to school preparations....

We can't wait to see you all!

Staff at Riverview are busily preparing for the long awaited return to school. 

There have been big changes inside and outside - new  bathroom facilities around the building, as well as some  exciting additions outside.

We are also raising money for an outdoor learning space.

See coverage in the Irish independent.


Parents and staff at Riverview are continuing to lobby for improved safe cycling infrastructure in the environs of the school.

Government advice is that families should choose active means of travel to school, such as cycling, scooting and walking. 

In the absence of good infrastructure, however, this is not always possible.

The D12 Bike Bus got some coverage in the Irish Times last week, and have had very positive engagement with local public representatives. 

We are delighted that funding has been secured for bike parking at the school, and we are hopeful that more good news will follow!

If you are interested in helping with this campaign click here.

IMG-20200821-WA0000 (1).jpg

Congratulations SAM!

We are delighted to announce that Sam Collins from the Sparrows has won FIRST PRIZE in the INTO 'Different Families, Same Love, Art competition. 

His Lego project is really amazing, we are all so proud of him.

Check it out here.

Nina simone

The children and families of Riverview were inspired by the song 'I wish I knew how to be free' which Margaret shared at our online Friday assembly one week. Here is a beautiful video montage made by Múinteoir Andrew of their videos and photos about feeling free.

creativity pic.jpg

The Ducklings

Múinteoir Rachel looked after the Riverview Ducklings so well at home this year!  We loved getting so many amazing updates from her. We really realised how lucky we have been to have them in school all the other years. Thanks so much Rachel!

Thank you frontline.jpeg

thank you Frontline

Wonderful parents in Riverview made this beautiful banner to thank the incredible front line workers during this difficult time. We are so grateful to every nurse, doctor, healthcare worker, delivery driver, sales assistant and transport operator that has worked tirelessly to protect us and provide for us.

Creative Schools

An Arts Council initiative

in collaboration with

Fala Buggy 

Riverview was selected to be part of the 2-year Creative Schools Programme which aims to support, develop, and celebrate creativity in schools across the country.  Fala Buggy is our Creative Associate, helping us to foster creative opportunities, and supporting students to build skills, confidence and provide space for self-expression. This initiative is strongly centred around the voice of the child and Fala is working closely with all students to find out their own unique interests and see how these can be provided for in teaching, engagements and the wider school community. 



Children from the Wrens and Robins classes took part in the Human Rights Action Day, sponsored by the INTO Global Citizenship School.

They wrote poems and sent out a call for action to end the injustice of homelessness.

Friendship week

Riverview is holding its first official Friendship Week, with daily activities, class complement postboxes and kindness bubbling all over the school. Pictured here are the conversation circles  in the school hall. Circles were facilitated by staff, using a model recommended by Michelle Stowe in her restorative practices training.

D12Bike bus

The D12 Bike Bus

Children from Riverview ETNS are being offered an opportunity to safely travel to school by bike, with their parents, on the D12 Bike Bus.

The D12 Bike Bus was officially launched last Friday, setting off from Crumlin in the mid winter darkness and arriving to a lovely welcome at the school. The bus was joined at the Walkinstown Roundabout, by the Mayor of South Dublin, Vikki Casserly. Paul Rowe, CEO of Educate Together welcomed the bus at the school.

“What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.”

― Jane Goodall

Our  annual leaf-raking party

We finished the first half term  in joyous spirits with our forth annual leaf-raking party. Our newly renovated school hall was abuzz with music, thankfulness and the sharing of learning and experiences from the start of the school year. Thanks to all who came along, to the PTA for setting us up in style, and to the teachers and children for their hard work and enthusiasm.

Riverview Forest School enters its third year!

Forest school is well and truly up and running this year, with children from senior infants, first class and second class participating in sessions in Tymon Park every second week, year round. A huge thank you to staff and volunteers who make this  programme possible. Riverview now has three certified forest school leaders on staff, and another teacher being trained this year.

Thank you also, to staff in Tymon Park, for their consistent and invaluable support of our Forest School. Finian, pictured here, is showing the children some newly planted trees.

Super Friday at Riverview

It was an action-packed day here at the school!

We had our first visit of the year from the South Dublin Mobile Library....

A child from each class was invited for hot chocolate in the office....

and James, GPO from St. Jude's GAA club was here for his weekly coaching session....

Mobile library








Hot Chocolate Friday















Some special visitors!

Dublin airport customs outreach visit.

Children and staff were very excited to welcome Scooby, Frankie and their handlers from the customs department at Dublin Airport to Riverview today. Children learned about the important job these dogs do in keeping us safe, and they also watched the dogs in action.

It's a Right to know your rights

Children from the Wrens Class participated in 'Right Here, Right Now',  an event organised by The Ark, to raise awareness about the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. They made posters which demonstrated their understanding of three of the key rights:  to play, to express themselves and be listened to, and to cultural activities.

Visitors to our nesting box

A family of blue tits has arrived!

If you look up at our nesting box as you leave the school grounds at the moment - and if you are very quiet -   you may be lucky enough to see our blue tit parents flying in and out with food for their babies!

The School Garden

A big thank you to Martin who came in to help us in the garden today!

We had germinated pumpkins and beans in the classroom which were planted out in the garden beds today.

We also planted peas and carrots. A local cafe with a big drive for sustainability donated their egg shells and we sprinkled them around the plants as a natural slug repellent.

We are looking forward to planting out some lavender a parent kindly gave us and maybe some lettuce and beetroot.

The children really enjoyed digging, weeding, finding worms, watering and learning about the soil and plants.

From all of us at Riverview, very best wishes for a Spring holiday full of joy , relaxation and


Thanks to Marianne for sharing this inspirational piece with us.

Right to play.jpg

Hatching Day

The day we've all been waiting for!

After 28 days of patient waiting, turning, spraying, including a very tense 24 hours when we realised the incubator had stopped working, children and staff at Riverview were over the moon to welcome 5 beautiful ducklings today! A huge thank you to múinteoir Rachel for her duck expertise and for sharing this amazing experience with us all.

Oak trees

Teaching to the future

The children planted oak trees in our beautiful Forest School site in Tymon Park. We will enjoy watching them grow and support wildlife for many decades to come.


Juggling Day in Riverview today, with Master Juggler Stephen Mc Ginley. The children (and teachers) adored it and we are inspired to work on our circus skills!

School climate strikes

The children and staff of Riverview marched in support of the school climate strikes taking place around the world on March 15th 2019.

Small Change


Staff and children at


Riverview have made


the change to re-


usable towels in our


bathroom and



Never doubt.jpg

World Book Day

We celebrated our love of books in style on the 7th of March, with adults and children alike dressed in some incredible  book inspired costumes and with lots of bookish activities throughout the day!

Spring has arrived in Riverview...


Junior Infant teacher, Rachel, took some helpers with her on Friday to collect duck eggs from the farm. Here they are all warm on her desk. What a welcome they will receive when they hatch!! 

Martin Luther

King Day

First Class children created this amazing mural as they learned about the life and work of human rights hero, Martin Luther King.

Find us in the park

Forest School is back up and running for this term. The children have been toasting almonds on a log fire. If you are walking in Tymon Park, watch our for the Riverivew Forest School sign, which was crafted by one of our parents and beautifully mounted by the park staff.

Thank you!


The children have been having great fun learning early programming skills with these beebots, on loan from Dublin West Education Centre. Have a look at one of the activities here!


The St. Vincent de Paul Food Appeal

A huge thank you to all of the children and their families who made donations to the food appeal here at the school.Our value for the month of December is generosity, and thanks to the St. Vincent de Paul Society, the children were able to meaningfully demonstrate generosity towards those who really need it.

The children crafted beautiful

Tree Spirits

from clay for some of the trees on our school grounds yesterday.

Park and stride

A beautiful way to start the school day!

Some families have begun to use a parking facility at one of the entrances to Tymon Park for a morning Park and Stride to school. This has the double benefit of a healthy start to the day, while also alleviating congestion outside the school!

The Mobile Library is back!

The children were delighted to see the big red South Dublin County Library Bus pulling into the school yard on Friday morning. A big thank you to the driver and librarian!

Our local libraries provide an amazing free service, and so much enjoyment for the children, with a rich selection of books and events.  If you haven't already joined, be sure to check out your local one!

Mini-beast investigations

The children had an amazing two days with Nessa Darcey, an entomologist who works with the Heritage in Schools Programme. They discovered and learned about the amazing variety of life  to be found in the undergrowth of our school grounds!


Obair Álainn - Beautiful Work

Every Friday morning we have whole school assembly at Riverview. The children work really hard all week, and one of the highlights of our assembly, is when we celebrate exceptional or beautiful pieces of work which have been produced by a child or group of children. This work is proudly displayed in the hallway!

New accomodation at Riverview!

A huge thank you to Régis and Leo for constructing this most amazing bug hotel. We were all so excited to admire it on our arrival this morning, and are already watching out for its first lodgers.

Fruit and veg day

On the first Wednesday of each month, children in Riverview bring a selection of vegetables and fruit to school. A group of parents spend the first 20 minutes of the day preparing beautiful, colourful and healthy platters for each class.

We had our first fruit and veg. Wednesday of the year this week!

Back to school

'From small beginnings come great things.'

We are delighted to be welcoming  students of Riverview Educate Together into Junior Infants, Senior Infants and First Class this year. Looking forward to seeing you all on Thursday, August 30th, at 8.30 am.