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At Riverview Educate Together National School, every child is valued for their uniqueness. We strive to build in children the skills to live happily in a diverse world, and they are encouraged to find and express their voices while respecting the voices of others. We foster in children a sense of joy, enthusiasm and purpose in their learning.


As a school community, we build joyous celebrations to mark the passing of the seasons; leaf raking in the autumn, making and hanging bird feeders in winter to mark the darkest day, potato planting in springtime and a picnic in the park for summer.


We look to opening children’s hearts to the wonder of life within themselves and to opening their eyes to life all around them.



Educate Together Schools embody the primary principle of the multi-denominational movement, that children of all ethnicities, belief systems and backgrounds be 'educated together' in an atmosphere of equality, mutual understanding and respect.

Since the Dalkey School Project first opened in 1978, our network has grown to 81 schools nationwide. These include 77 primary-level schools and 4 second-level schools. Information on Educate Together's second-level schools can be found here:  


Taking inspiration from and developing an understanding of the great outdoors is a strong theme in RVETNS.


Termly celebrations, Forest School, our Biodiversity Garden and research project with Trinity College Dublin fuel our passion and motivate our learning about science, nature and the environment. 

Board of Management

The board of management of Riverview ETNS is composed of eight members, as laid out by the governance manual for primary schools.

The Board of Management meets at least six times per year, and is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the running of the school, and has a very important oversight role for child protection.

Current members of the Board of Management at Riverview are: Joan Ward, chairperson, Nikki Murphy, patron nominee, Margaret Burke, principal, Alison Herlihy, teacher nominee, Ciara Tuç, parent nominee, Mark McGrath, parent nominee, Ciara Fagan, community representative and Mick Griffin, community representative.

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