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Meet The Team
We are very fortunate to have built up an inspiring and committed team here at Riverview ETNS since we opened in 2016.


School principal

Margaret was honoured to be appointed principal of Riverview ETNS when the school opened in September 2016. She has watched it grow into the thriving hub of learning and living that we are all part of today. Margaret believes that the Learn Together programme, the ethical heart of Educate Together schools, allows children and staff alike to express themselves and to bring their full selves to school, and that it equips them with tools to live in a diverse world. Margaret is passionate about quality literature for children, connection with the natural world and the creation of active, livable communities for us to live in.


Assistant principal, class teacher

Alison has been teaching in Riverview since 2018.  She has many years experience teaching in Educate Together Schools, having moved  from Griffeen Valley ETNS in Lucan, which is where she began teaching after first qualifying. Alison has also completed her Forest School leadership training. Alison has a long list of things she loves about teaching, in particular that the children all bring something unique to the classroom and that we are all learning at school, adults included!


Assistant principal, special education teacher

Aoife joined the Riverview school in 2018 after nearly a decade of teaching in Dublin and Cork. Aoife loves working in Riverview because of the emphasis on outdoor learning and the wonderful warm atmosphere that everyone feels the second they walk into school. Aoife is trained in trauma informed care and helped set up the Nurture Room in Riverview, a space for children to cook, feel safe, build friendships, develop creative ideas and their own unique identity.


Special Education Teacher (on career break)

Annette has many years of teaching experience, and maths education is an area of particular interest for her. She is  a certified maths recovery teacher and has taught in the Maths Education Department in DCU.  She is also a Forest School leader.  Annette is excited to be part of such a values-driven community of children, parents and staff.


Class teacher (on career break)

Emma works with individual children and groups across all class levels.  Originally from Co. Mayo, Emma moved to Dublin to study a Bachelor of Education International at D.C.U.  After finishing College, she worked in a primary school in Dublin for two years.   Emma then moved to Vietnam where she taught for four years in an international school before moving back to Ireland.  She is an enthusiastic teacher with particular interests inquiry and play-based learning.  Emma strives to create a learning environment where students feel respected, understood and at ease to share their thinking.  Emma is delighted to be a part of a Riverview where child-led learning and community engagement are valued.


Class teacher 

Emma has 15 years experience teaching in a special school. She has completed the postgraduate diploma in special education and inclusion and educational leadership and management. She feels passionate about making learning fun and enjoyable for all students. She is dedicated to helping students recognise their own unique strengths, abilities and talents and I look forward to helping students achieve their full potential. She is also passionate about student voice and chess! Emma is delighted to be joining the educate together team and looks forward to working with all the students, families and staff.


Special Education Teacher 

Vivienne graduated in Scotland and has taught in Scotland, France and Australia before returning to teach in Dublin. Vivienne is also a tennis coach and has a keen interest in sports, playing tennis and gaa. She is a firm believer in the links between physical activity, wellbeing and resilience and she strives to promote this in her teaching. She is particularly passionate about inclusion and equality, ensuring that all students have an equal opportunity for success in a positive school environment. She is really excited to be a part of the Riverview Educate Together school community! 



James is our caretaker and he makes sure that the building looks it’s best and is a safe place to be for our children. James loves being part of the Riverview community. He has a son in starlings and they hop and skip into school each morning. His favourite thing about Riverview is seeing how happy the children are to be at school. James has many years experience in construction and health & safety. He enjoys going on forest adventures with his children, music, cooking and coaching GAA.


School secretary

Audrey's warm smile is often the first thing people see in Riverview. With years of experience, Audrey manages all the admin for our busy school and we would be lost without her!


Class teacher

Jenny has many years experience working in Montessori Education and the study of the
Montessori method has set the ground work for her teaching philosophy. Encouraging
children through play and building supportive relationships is central to her current practice.
She is a a firm believer in providing children with the tools to ‘do it yourself’, that sense of
achievement that you see in a child’s face when they master something cannot be
replicated. She is very passionate about ensuring the children foster their own independent learning on a journey of self-discovery. Jenny loves getting to know each child, identifying their own individual personalities, interests and skills and incorporating them into the learning environment. She is also a trained Forest School leader and  passionate about
outdoor learning, Jenny really looks forward to getting out into the forest each week!


Additional needs assistant

Amy Cannon joined Riverview in 2021 and since then has been a dedicated Additional Needs Assistant (ANA) with a strong commitment to inclusive education. In 2020, she achieved a FETAC Level 6 qualification in Special Needs Assistant. She is currently pursuing a Diploma in Inclusive School Support in UCD.
She is passionate about arts and crafts, gardening and prioritises a daily routine of jogging, cycling or general fitness.
What sets Amy apart is her genuine love and passion for working with children. She finds immense reward in helping students with additional needs thrive in educational environments. Her caring nature, combined with her qualifications, make her a valuable asset to the school. 


Class Teacher

Tracy joined Riverview in 2023 and is delighted to be joining the team at Riverview educate together having spent the last number of years as a specialist music teacher. It is wonderful to be part of a school community that celebrates diversity and promotes equality and kindness to others and the environment.


 Tracy values the voice and unique talents of every child. She enjoys providing opportunities to help children develop their talents in a safe and supportive classroom.


She particularlly looks foward to sharing the joy of music, singing, reading and the arts with the children. 


Class teacher

Tara is a Froebel graduate who is looking forward to her future in Riverview Educate Together, starting in 2023. She is dedicated and focused on inclusive education, she has a wide range of experience in teaching and sports coaching.  Tara enjoys the challenges of problem-solving situations and integrating this in student learning through a variety of mediums, specifically computational thinking activities.   

Physical Education is an area close to Tara's heart. By incorporating a variety of other subjects within her PE lessons she hopes to impart this grá for the subject with her students, enabling them to gain from the wide variety of health benefits the subjects provides. 


Deputy principal, special education teacher

(on career break)

Rebecca joined Riverview in 2017 and has held the positions of Class Teacher, Special Education Teacher/Coordinator and Deputy Principal. She is particularly interested in Special & Inclusive Education and Multi Denominational & Ethical Education.

Rebecca is proud to be part of the Educate movement and is delighted to work in a school community where the ethos of equality is at the core of our teaching, learning and living. Rebecca particularly enjoys fostering children's sense of individuality, supporting her colleagues and working with our Riverview families.


Assistant principal, special education teacher

Andrew is a Froebel graduate, and has spent many years teaching in schools around Dublin and also in the UAE. Creating a happy, inclusive classroom is a priority for him. Andrew is a keen musician - he plays guitar and trumpet - skills he shares with children in his class and the whole school. Andrew is  enjoying his time at Riverview and hopes to remain here for many years to come!


Class teacher

Rachel has many years experience working in Montessori education before starting in Riverview in 2018. She is extremely passionate about Educate Together and the Learn Together curriculum and equally passionate about promoting positive mental health and well being in the classroom, and ensuring every child believes in their own unique abilities. She is a firm believer in creating a positive and happy classroom culture and believes this is how to get the best out of any group.  Rachel is a trained forest school leader and passionate about outdoor learning. She believes that in order for children to want to protect their natural environment, they must have a connection with it. Rachel absolutely loves her job and feels extremely fortunate to get to spend her days with so many amazing little people.


Additional needs assistant

Ellen has over 20 years experience working with children and says that she can't imagine doing anything else. Ellen is a Forest School leader and a passionate believer that children should spend as much time as possible in nature to build on their understanding, love and respect for our land. She is a strong advocate for children's rights being respected and allowing them the space to be their amazing unique selves. She is very proud to be a part of the Riverview community where we always strive to do our best for our young citizens.


Class teacher 

Oisin joined the Riverview team in 2021. He is from  Galway originally and completed his B.Ed degree in Mary Immaculate College, Limerick. He has a passion for the arts and Irish and is proud to be a part of the Educate Together Movement. He is particularly passionate about drama as he believes it builds children’s confidence and self-esteem. Therefore as part of his Bachelor of Education degree he completed a specialism in Drama Education.

He also has experience teaching in diverse educational settings abroad. He taught in New York City for 6 months and volunteered in a remote school in Kenya. His core values as an educator are kindness and acceptance. He believes his number one duty is to love and accept my students for who they are as individuals. He is an ambassador of diversity and is delighted to be part of our team. 



Class teacher 

Conor recently graduated from Hibernia college and is from from Dungarvan, Co. Waterford. He has previous backgrounds in food business and banking. Conor love all sports and being active, in particular GAA and golf. Creating an inclusive classroom where every child has a voice and feels heard is of great importance to Conor. Active learning through real life experiences plays a major role in the classroom for Conor.


Additional Needs Assistant

Lisa has been working as an ANA in Educate Together since 2005, working at primary and secondary level. She joined the Riverview team in 2017. The Educate Together ethos is a fundamental factor in any decisions Lisa makes regarding the children she works with. By putting children at the centre of the decision making process is giving them the best opportunity to develop at a pace that is suited to them, and will enable them to have the best possible experience at school.


Additional Needs Assistant

Patricia has a major award in early childhood education including children with additional needs. She has a deep understanding of special educational needs and a treasure chest of practical ideas to help children achieve their best.

Patricia lives locally with her family, she loves working in Riverview and says that it’s a really special school.


Special Education Teacher

Mairéad has a background in graphic design and book arts, and taught for many years in London. She has been with us in Riverview since January 2020. 

Mairéad has a keen interest in the arts and likes to incorporate creativity into all areas of her teaching. She has also been an avid hockey player for many years and loves outdoor activities, sports and keeping fit. Currently her particular interests are in the areas of mindfulness and restorative practice.


Additional needs assistant

Fiona joined Riverview in 2021.

Additional Needs Assistant

Noeleen started working as an ANA over 10 years ago in the gaeilscoileanna in Clondalkin and Lucan. She is a fluent Irish speaker and absolutely loves chatting with the children as Gaeilge. Noeleen joined the team at RVETNS in 2017. She feels very privileged to be part of the Educate Together team as she wholeheartedly believes in this child centered approach to education. Noeleen has a keen interest in nature and the outdoors and believes it is a perfect learning environment for children. Forest School is a particular highlight of the week for Noeleen.


Additional Needs Assistant


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